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Working commands . chop, fish, pickup*, mine* - The most basic commands to get items; craft - If you have enough items, you can craft swords, armors and special items! recipes - Here you can see all the crafting recipes; Gambling commands . Bet your coins with any of the following commands: dice, cups, blackjack, slots, balloons* In order to take advantage of Avrae, you must first link your D&D Beyond account to Discord. You can do that from the My Account page. After linking your D&D Beyond account to your Discord account you will be able to use command prompts for content that you own from D&D Beyond on Discord when running the Avrae Bot. A-Yuan considers it for a moment, then nods slowly. “Be very, very careful,” he commands. Wei Wuxian salutes. “Yes, Young Master Lan!” he says. When A-Yuan giggles, he adds, “I’ll leave as soon as you go to bed.” He’s pretty sure A-Yuan tries to stay awake later than usual, largely out of pure stubbornness.