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phs Group are specialists in washroom, healthcare and floorcare hygiene, with the biggest distribution network in the UK. You are in safe hands. These webpages will show how you can organise your work and workplace, so hygiene is maintained, surfaces are clean and people are provided with the right facilities to control the risk from COVID. There is separate advice on: use, manufacture and supply of hand sanitiser products and surface disinfectants Hand hygiene noncompliance is a major factor in these facilities. However, it's also one of the easiest practices to improve in your facility. You can do so with the Symmetry ® Hand Hygiene Program. Symmetry understands the importance of hand hygiene and manufactures products that people want to use in a reliable dispensing system. Utilise a feminine hygiene product for washing purposes and dry the area properly. When choosing from a feminine hygiene wash available in the market, do look for those with no scent. Products that contain strong scents, no matter how hypo-allergenic they claim to be, can cause infections which leads to itching, swelling and foul-smelling ...