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Although clam Perkinsiosis was first identified in R. decussatus, the Manila clam can also be affected and Perkinsus was first detected in South Korea in 1993 6 and later in China 7 and Japan 8. The agent responsible for these mortalities, Perkinsus olseni is the same that caused similar episodes in Europe but it can also infected abalones ... The frequency of TCs that affect Korea is low (high) in a year of summer drought (non-drought). As a case study, in 1994 when there is extremely severe summer drought in Korea, there was high frequency of TCs while in 2003 when there was least severe summer drought, the frequency of TCs is the lowest. Penrite Oil is a 100% Australian Owned company producing a premium range of vehicle and industrial lubricants, coolants, gear oils, hydraulic fluids and additives. player.radioabc.dk