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香港--(美国商业资讯)--在南方东英恒生科技指数ETF(股票代码:3033.hk)取得巨大成功的基础上,南方东英资产管理有限公司(“南方东英”)再度 ... Phononic provides paid sick time to regular full-time employees to provide them with protection against loss of income if they are ill or injured, need to attend to an immediate family member, or if they need time off from work for necessary or routine healthcare. 401K Retirement Plan Graphcore is widely known as one of the AI chip startup “unicorns”; the company’s most recent funding round in February 2020 valued the company at $1.95 billion, with $450 million raised to date. According to reports from the UK press, the company could IPO as early as 2022.