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1 Piece Brand New Aftermarket Unused Seiko Pepsi Bezel Insert/Ring. For Men's Size Seiko Diver's Wristwatch. Measurements: Outer diameter: 37.5mm. Inner diameter: 32mm. Lume pip glows faintly after a charge under direct light. Fits: 7S26-0020 (SKX007/SKX009/SKX399/SKX401) 6309-7290 (729A/729B) 7002-7000 (7001/700A/700J) 6309-7040 (7049) 6306-7001 (7000) Seiko SKX Bezel & Bezel Insert Change TUTORIAL. görünümler 140 000. 09:26. Upgrading to a Sapphire Crystal on the Seiko SKX007 Dive Watch - Watch and Learn #27.The bezel comes without an insert, and it just so happens that a Seiko SKX007 bezel insert will fit. Seiko owners are famous (notorious?) for customizing their watches and an entire industry has evolved with customizers doing some incredible work to turn pedestrian Seiko watches into works of art.